Finally some heat to warm up the water!

Lake Vermilion musky fishing

Denny Janz with one of several Lake Vermilion muskies he caught.

40.5 inch Lake Vermilion northern

Lake Vermilion northern fishing 2014

Minnesota musky fishing

Lake Vermilion musky fishing


With a dose of some HOT weather early this past week, water temps finally moved in the right direction.  In turn, the muskie action took off, with the Janz guys boating 10 for the week.  They also caught & released a nice 40.5 inch northern.  The Wenzel brothers caught several too, the largest being a 47″ for Jason, with Travis getting the other 2 that were over 40″, a 45″ & a 41″.  It was a frustrating week for a couple boats that saw LOTS of fish, many BIG ones…..but couldn’t find the trigger to make them go.

As far as the walleyes go, it was definitely a case when the “early bird gets the worm.”  Kevin Cassady was diligent in being one of the first on the lake each a.m., and reported he was catching his limit each day, often before the breakfast dishes were washed.   While the smaller eaters were abundant, his largest was a 25″ walleye.

Some of the fish we heard about were:

Smallies:  Bill Janz 18″

Muskies:  Jason Wenzel 47″

Denny Janz 47″

Denny Janz  46″

Travis Wenzel  45″

Bill Janz  44″

Eric Larsen 42″

Bob Larsen 42″

Denny Janz 41″

Travis Wenzel 41″

Plus many more under our 40″ target.

Walleyes: 25″  Kevin Cassady

21″  Chad Caron

Some of the best muskie and walleye fishing is yet to come – check your calendar and plan your Lake Vermilion fishing trip!!



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