Lake Vermilion mid December ice

Lake Vermilion mid December ice didn't change much last week, and the warm sunny weekend made a dent in the snow on the ice.  Ice thickness hadn't made much progress and was still in the 10 - 11" range. The weekend weather was so comfortable it was fine to skip the portable part of the time. That made it easy to move around, which was [...]

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Lake Vermilion Hard Water season is here!

Lake Vermilion hard water season is here, with ice ranging anywhere between 5 to  almost 8 inches, but there is still some variability based on location so use caution.  Eric got out Sunday thinking he could forgo the shack as the temp was reasonable, only to find the wind less than cooperative.  At any rate, nice walleyes have been caught on good size minnows with [...]

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Chicago – Schaumburg sport show THIS WEEK.

Chicago - Schaumburg sport show  THIS WEEK. Thanks to all who stopped by our booth at the St. Paul show.  It was great to see familiar faces, and we enjoyed meeting several new guests who will heading up to Everett Bay Lodge this season.  After several days of enjoying the upnorth snow with some snowmobiling and ice fishing, mother nature is making it [...]

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Ice Is On

2011-12-16 There are reports of good ice on the lake. However, I heard Cliff, the guide, went down in 5 ft. of water on his ATV. He got out ok.  Please be careful out there. Ace reports there is 9-10 inches of ice over in the McKinley Park area and the walleye bite has been pretty good. Not much snow yet for the middle of [...]

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Waiting for the Ice to Melt

  2011-04-01 We've had some snow and rain today. Highs are expected to be in the low 40's. Plenty of sun the last 10 days or so, but temps have remained fairly cold in the 20's for highs. So ice on the lake hasn't made much progress. The Pike Bay dam has started to flow in earnest just over the last day or so. Over [...]

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