Everett Bay Lodge – Recent History

As resort owners sitting out at a campfire, the 2nd question we usually get from our guests is "How did you ever end up here doing this?"  Of course you can all guess what the 1st question is...."Where are the fish biting?" When we get that question we always wonder if they are asking because they think owning and operating a resort in northeastern Minnesota [...]

Chapter 2 of the Emil Iverson – Gophers – Blackhawks history lesson

This afternoon's phone call asking for "the owners" was a far cry from the usual telemarketing dialogue we usually end up in with such calls. This time it was the grandson of Emil Iverson, the Gopher & Blackhawk Hockey Coach we wrote about this past fall. He had just happened upon our Blog post reporting on our discovery of a discarded board of siding from [...]

Emil Iverson (MN Gophers & Chicago Blackhawks Coach) @ Everett Bay Lodge

While we have been fortunate to have had many great and talented hockey coaches here at the resort with us over the years, and we always enjoy sitting around the fire or pool hearing about the previous season and next year's hopes, here is a little history for you hockey junkies out there! Shortly after our arrival at Everett Bay Lodge, we had a visit from a [...]