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Lake Vermilion Fish Report – August 25, 2013

Making up for lost time as it relates to the warm days this past week.  After cooler than expected temps for the previous several weeks, this past week was well above average for daytime high temps, but the wind that accompanied it made things a little more comfortable.  We had some first time guests with us this past week, and walleye success was mixed.  A couple groups caught more than average numbers of smaller walleyes, which bodes well for coming… Read More »

Lake Vermilion Fishing Report – August 18, 2013

The past week was noteworthy for its cooler than normal temperatures, with a couple nights falling down below 40 degrees.  As one would guess, the fishing was inconsistent, with a mix of “eater” walleyes, some jumbo perch and nice smallies among those caught.  The muskie fishing was sporadic, with days of seeing fish followed by days of nothing going on.  The Brennans boated a 31″ and saw others, but did not find the right combination to get them to go…. Read More »

Lake Vermilion Fishing Report – August 10, 2013

Where has summer gone?  Without a calendar, would have been sure it was late August or early September.  Sounds like things all across the Midwest are cooler than normal.  At any rate, for those on vacation, it meant a sweatshirt and a really chilly morning in the cabin if they slept with the windows open. The walleyes were especially affected, as one cold front after another pushed its way through late in the week.  Several families/groups were still able to… Read More »

Lake Vermilion Fishing Report – August 3, 2013

With the cooler than average weather pattern holding over the area, the early part of the week offered up a tough bite, but fortunately as the week progressed the bite seemed to get better.  Those who looked for smallies found them in decent numbers; the “eater” walleyes caught were a little smaller than the previous weeks, but there were some good size walleyes caught and released.  A sampling of the fish our Everett Bay Lodge on Lake Vermilion guests told us… Read More »

Lake Vermilion Fish Report July 14, 2013

It was a mixed week of fishing for our guests, with the early week walleye bite holding strong, only to taper off a bit as the mayfly hatch began to go full swing. Dave Jozwiak caught a nice 25.5″ walleye early in his stay, only to be trumped by his fishing partner and wife, Monica, who caught a terrific 30″ walleye, making our Everett Bay Lodge Wall of Fame on her first trip to Vermilion. They also caught a good… Read More »

Lake Vermilion Fish Report – July 6, 2013

Another block of great weather and fishing in the books! Between the smallmouth bass and the walleyes, there was plenty of fishing action to go around, and another week of fabulous weather found many tuckered out after a full schedule of swimming, tubing, playing volleyball & horseshoes and oh yes — frying fish! We welcomed a new group to Lake Vermilion and were thrilled that it didn’t take them long to sort things out and catch plenty of walleyes for… Read More »

Lake Vermilion fishing report June 30, 2013

The trend of solid walleye fishing continued again as guests that have been with us for many, many years reported this past week’s fishing to be among the best if not “the” best they have enjoyed. Again, the presentation of choice didn’t seem to matter much, as some trolled crankbaits, while others jigged or used slip bobbers. Bait choice was split between leeches and crawlers for walleyes. With the great stretch of weather the past couple days and more in… Read More »

Lake Vermilion Fishing Report – June 23, 2013

While the weather wasn’t the greatest, it was good enough for families to enjoy the pool and the walleye bite resulted in another week of plenty of fish to eat. There were windows of time when the bite was very steady, with some returning guests describing the week as “maybe the best” they have had during their annual weeklong visit to Lake Vermilion. A sample of the fish our guests told us about this past week include: 26.5″ Walleye –… Read More »

Lake Vermilion fishing report June 16, 2013

It has been another nice week of fishing as the shallow water temps rose over 10 degrees from the time guests arrived last Saturday and the time they left yesterday. Had a couple cabins that had their fill of fish fry’s and ended up their weeks with their last limit to take home – can’t get any better than that. In fact, Steve DesJardin told us as he was checking out that if someone invited him to a fish fry,… Read More »

Bite’s Good on Lake Vermilion

Our regular guests in cabin 7 this week have done quite well on walleye, perch, northern and muskie. They’ve stayed close and managed to have several fish frys already. Dale boated a 35″ northern and Rod his boat partner boated a 43″ muskie about 5 minutes apart Monday afternoon. The bobber bite with leeches is good in the evening hours for walleye. Dale and his wife Sally limited out last night in a couple hours. Water temps have risen fast… Read More »

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