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Lake Vermilion 2014 open water season in the books!!

Just in time as the ice on the bay has formed with no plans to retreat.  The Bowman crew finished up their annual week long stay taking advantage of every bit of Everett Bay’s last open water Mother Nature had to offer.  The water temps dropped just as the crew arrived, and it was definitely a week of transition.   We appreciate Bob Bowman’s reliability in getting us some end of the season pictures!  Still a handful of items on… Read More »

Lake Vermilion 2014 season winding down

We continue to work our way through the season wrap up “to do” list, but couldn’t help ourselves on Wednesday when we couldn’t resist the urge to head out on the lake one last time.  While it was a windy day, it didn’t stop the walleyes from aggressively hammering our minnows – chubs and light pike – didn’t seem to matter which.  Caught plenty to eat, more than enough for a family fish fry with some jumbo perch and a… Read More »

September action stayed strong!

While the weather wasn’t the most cooperative, Tom Maki was rewarded for his efforts with this nice 50.75″ Lake Vermilion September muskie.  He now has 5 over the 50″ mark, with 4 of them coming from Lake Vermilion. Along other lines, the walleye fishing was up and down over the past week, with several groups reporting successful trips, although they had to work for what they got.  The Huber crew reported catches of smaller fish during the day and larger,… Read More »

Lake Vermilion fishing – August 18, 2014

Last week it was a week of plentiful bass and some “firsts” and “biggest” muskies.  Paul Bilodeau, Sr. reported a 50″ muskie, his personal best, and a couple other guests also caught their first muskies.  Once again there were good numbers of smallmouth bass caught, and some nice northerns were caught when they chased muskie baits.  Seemed like the walleyes were a little tougher to come by, but reports were that Friday night things were pretty good, with several guests… Read More »

Good Lake Vermilion Fishing Continues – August 10, 2014

  MOV_8398.MOV Thanks for Bill Fitzgerald for sending us this video clip of some Lake Vermilion muskie action last week.  We had so many good photo submissions this week that it was too hard to pick just a couple.  Visit our facebook page:  Everett.Bay.Lodge.Lake.Vermilion and check out some of the great catches and photos our guests shared with us.  As the title says – it was another good week of fishing for a good number of our guests. Walleyes were… Read More »

Lake Vermilion fishing report – August 3, 2014

July wrapped up with a nice rebound for walleye fishing.  After a couple weeks of more difficult walleye fishing than we’d seen all season, things were back on track for many of our guests – both Lake Vermilion returners and several Lake Vermilion first timers.  As is normal for this time of year, both walleyes and crawlers produced fish, with numbers coming on crawlers and bigger fish liking the leeches – but that depended on who you ask.  When they… Read More »

Finally some heat to warm up the water!

  With a dose of some HOT weather early this past week, water temps finally moved in the right direction.  In turn, the muskie action took off, with the Janz guys boating 10 for the week.  They also caught & released a nice 40.5 inch northern.  The Wenzel brothers caught several too, the largest being a 47″ for Jason, with Travis getting the other 2 that were over 40″, a 45″ & a 41″.  It was a frustrating week for… Read More »

Lake Vermilion fishing report – July 19, 2014 – week of transition

It’s been hard to write a report this season without mentioning the weather, and this past week is no exception.  The first several days caught guests leaving the dock in full rain gear, often returning a short time later when the weather got the best of them.  While there were some walleyes and bass caught, they weren’t in the numbers and size the lake has offered up about every week so far.  Guests did report a good number of jumbo… Read More »

Mixed bag of fish for July 13th Lake Vermilion fishing news

This past week our guests again enjoyed a mixed bag of fish, with both larger and eater size walleyes being caught and lots of bass action, especially smallmouth bass. There were many cabins that ate fish here and took some home. While there were muskies seen, a few cold nights and water temps that fell instead of rising have delayed the hot action we expect in mid July. There were several nice walleyes caught, and some jumbo perch made for… Read More »

Lake Vermilion July 6, 2014 Fishing News

Craig Pfeifer caught and released this 37″ Lake Vermilion northern. While out in the boat alone he found a way to get the big fish in his un-extended net, but I am guessing he made sure the net was ready every time he went out after that. It was nice to welcome the Arnolds & Boutwells back. While the storms and wind early in the week made boat control and getting out on the lake more difficult, they commented midweek… Read More »

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