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August fishing on Lake Vermilion

  August fishing on Lake Vermilion has found smallmouth and largemouth bass action staying strong.  A good number of decent bass have been caught and released, along with a couple outings of over 30 northern caught, several in the 30 – 36″ range.  Walleye fishing has continued to produce mainly eater size fish, but we’d expect to see some larger ones as the weeks in August move ahead toward September.  Bluegill action offering up some good hand sized eaters was… Read More »

Lake Vermilion July fishing ended better than it started.

Lake Vermilion July fishing ended better than it started, with the last few days of the month finding the walleyes ready to eat.  The middle part of the month found conditions a little tougher than usual, as both perch and crayfish provided ample food for the many, many walleyes that were marked but not biting.  Fortunately as the last week of the month moved along so did the stubborn bite, and eventually both crawlers and leeches produced many limits of… Read More »

Lake Vermilion Fishing

Lake Vermilion fishing has been up and down over the past week, with plenty of walleyes showing up on the sonar and the ones that are caught showing signs that the perch hatch and crayfish are serving as their bait of choice.  It has been a little tougher to get them to bite, but those that stayed with it were eventually rewarded for their effort. Muskie fishing has been described by many as “frustrating” with long stretches of time without… Read More »

Lake Vermilion latest fishing news from Everett Bay Lodge

Lake Vermilion latest fishing news from Everett Bay Lodge – Thanks to Tim Olsen for sharing this picture of his grandson Riley’s Lake Vermilion muskie. Other fish we heard about include: Largemouth Bass:  19.5″ Larry Bird, 18.5″ Larry Bird Smallmouth Bass:  18.5″ Jason Rodriguez Northern:  37″ John Bird Muskie:  37″ Riley Garrison Walleyes were caught early in the week on the main lake structure, with both leeches and crawlers producing fish.  Many of our guests reported catching nice size pan… Read More »

Lake Vermilion July 4th festivities “awesome!”

Lake Vermilion July 4th festivities were described as “awesome” by many guests who took advantage of various events that were offered.  From the Gaudians who ran the 10K with great results to the parade-goers who were surprised by the generosity of the candy tossers – it was a fun filled several days.  Guests played golf at the Wilderness, visited the Wolf Center and the Bear Center, and many enjoyed the July 4th fireworks display. Tom Reardon caught & released the… Read More »

Lake Vermilion June fishing in the books

With enough rain on Saturday alone to deplete our dry socks, it took a little time for the weather to settle down, but when it did it gave way to a pretty solid week of walleye action.  Several fish over 20″ were caught & released, and most guests reported eating fish and taking fish home.  We were happy to see several returning guests and pleased that several “first time” Lake Vermilion visitors did well and made plans to return next… Read More »

June fishing on Lake Vermilion

This past week of fishing on Lake Vermilion was a little more inconsistent, as guests reported catching numbers but not as many bigger fish as have been caught most weeks so far this season.  Still 2 more pictures will be added to our EBL Wall of Fame, Mitchell Zorn with the 52.5″ muskie shown above and Kathy Ronken with a 20.5″ small mouth bass. The wind played a role in determining where people fished early in the week, but most… Read More »

Lake Vermilion Mid June 2016 fishing report

  Another week in the books, and by the looks of things in the fish cleaning shack, more fish in the skillets – even at breakfast time in a couple of cabins!  The walleye bite has shifted from minnows to leeches or crawlers, and just about every presentation caught fish.  It was a week of learning for several guests who spent their first week on Lake Vermilion, but in the end, most reported “figuring it out” eventually, and many saying… Read More »

Lake Vermilion Walleyes and Smallies going strong

Lake Vermilion walleyes and smallies going strong!   Another week of lots of walleyes being caught, cleaned and fried, and many declarations from guests about great optimism for the upcoming years of walleye fishing, as the size range of fish caught points to future years of plenty of eater walleyes.  It was a week with many returning guests who just know how to catch ’em, and that is just what they did.  Fish for breakfast for a few, fish for… Read More »

Lake Vermilion early June fishing

Lake Vermilion early June fishing starts off with the weather taking the spotlight.  Our guests’ results were mixed with rain gear a mainstay.  We had a few first timers on the lake who spent some time getting their bearings, but as the week moved along so did the catching, especially for the Fritz guys who caught both larger walleyes and several to eat, taking some home as well.  They also got into some really nice jumbo perch. Lake Vermilion bass… Read More »

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