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Lake Vermilion opener 2018 highlights

Lake Vermilion opener 2018 highlights included many limits for the fryer and a handful of good size fish caught & released.  Mother Nature made up for the days of uncertainty regarding the ice leading up to the opener.  Once the ice cleared with an official ice out date of May 8th, much needed rain cleared out of the area and left us with some of the nicest opener weather we can recall over our 19 years here at the resort…. Read More »

Lake Vermilion Hatchery May 2018

Lake Vermilion hatchery activities for 2018 are going to wrap up today, taking only 3 days to collect the stripped eggs and fertilizer.  We are glad we didn’t put off our annual visit one more day as it would have been too late.  LOTS of nice big walleyes.  See for yourself.  This video give you a bird’s eye view of the exciting work going on at the Pike River Hatchery.  The different nets are filled with walleyes in various stages… Read More »

Fish Lake Vermilion the first week of JUNE.

Is a Lake Vermilion June fishing trip on your “to do” list?  Fish Lake Vermilion the first week of JUNE.  Any of you that have called looking for a spot for 2 to 4 people the week of June 2nd, give us another shout.  A group expanded, moving into a bigger cabin, freeing up a 2 bedroom cabin, Cabin 4, perfect for 2 – 5 people.  That is a terrific time to fish the lake, with plentiful spots close by… Read More »

Al Lindner’s Angling Edge – Lake Vermilion Muskies

Al Lindner’s Angling Edge – Lake Vermilion muskies – sound interesting?  Al Lindner’s crew spent time early last summer with Lake Vermilion muskie guide Josh Borovsky targeting early season open water Lake Vermilion muskies. Have you ever wondered: Where do I start? How deep should I fish? What speed is best? Troll or cast? Best time of day? Curious yet?  If you want to learn the answer to these questions and many more, just click on the link found at… Read More »

Lake Vermilion fall fishing

Perseverance paid off for Jeff Lovell.  While everyone catches their PR when they catch their first Muskie, Jeff notched a pretty high mark with this 53″ Lake Vermilion musky as his first one.  Matched the size of the largest of his dad Jerry too, so they will both have to stay at it to get outright bragging rights.  Although the first part of their stay was less productive with limited fish seen, the last couple days they have raised some… Read More »

Lake Vermilion September fishing

Lake Vermilion September fishing has been up and down, with a handful of windy and cooler than average rainy days making things tough.  The cold front conditions of the past week definitely slowed things down, but this week’s forecast of higher than average temps, high 70’s and even over 80, will likely turn up the muskie action. Ron & Teri Vigue caught their limits on the tried and true 1/2 crawler.  In general, most have been caught in 12 –… Read More »

Lake Vermilion late summer pattern settles in

Lake Vermilion later summer pattern has begun to settle in, with this past week producing plenty of fish for the skillet.  We had many, many young anglers at the resort this week, and much credit goes out to the dedicated dads that spent the week getting them on fish.  Add the group of tournament anglers who spent the week preparing for and participating in the MN AIM Pro Walleye Series State Championship held on Lake Vermilion, and the Coury family… Read More »

Lake Vermilion fishing news

Lake Vermilion fishing finds the latter part of August settling into a normal pattern.  The musky action was pretty steady last week, with several caught and many seen and missed.  Those that targeted northern reported catching decent numbers but not trophy size fish.  The smallmouth bass action continued to provide fun as well.  Leeches have been difficult to get, but fortunately the walleye bite on crawlers has picked up. Here is a nice musky Rian Robarge caught and released.  Thanks… Read More »

August fishing on Lake Vermilion

August fishing on Lake Vermilion has been about what you would expect for this time of year.  A cold rain mid-week led to a water temp drop of 4 degrees, but we are back up to 72 degrees.  There are definitely prime windows when fish have been active, but guests reported marking many fish that they couldn’t get to bite. The same applied to the muskies.  While several were seen and followed at various times of day, the Cleinmark guys… Read More »

Summer has arrived on Lake Vermilion

Summer has arrived on Lake Vermilion, although it took a long time to get here!  Water temps took a nice jump up this past week, climbing over 5 degrees to pass the 80 degree mark.  So what’s that done to the fishing?  Depends who you ask.  It definitely made the pool a popular place as many families with children spent the week with us on Lake Vermilion. The walleye fishing was reported to be strong and steady for some, while… Read More »

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