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Lake Vermilion fishing report June 9, 2013

Another week has quickly passed and things seemed to get better as the week got longer, with good walleyes caught – both “eaters” and slot fish – on minnows and leeches. The crankbait bite was decent as well. There were some muskies caught, all over 40″ with the largest a 46″. As one would expect, water temps are still cooler than normal, but a forecast of days in the seventies should continue to move things in the right direction. Here… Read More »

Lake Vermilion Fishing Report June 2, 2013

Would like to say the pool is ready and getting plenty of action, but only one part of that would be true. The pool is ready, but Mother Nature is staying true to her early season pattern, and swimming weather has not yet arrived. While the rain and cool temps took its toll on some guests who opted for more cribbage than usual, they still caught enough fish for their usual Lake Vermilion fish frys with some exciting Musky stories… Read More »

Lake Vermilion Fish Report May 26, 2013

The following fish are just a sampling of what our guests reported for the preceding week. 27″ Walleye – Mike Pyka, Sr. 25″ Walleyes – Bob Spaar, Cullen Murtaugh 24″ Walleye – Tony Pyka 23″ Walleye – John Pyka 22″ Walleyes – Tony Pyka caught two 21″ Walleye – Mark Pyka 20″ Walleye – Mark Pyka 18″ Smallmouth Bass – Wil Maki We have a couple cabins open for next weekend, so if you have some time and want to come… Read More »

Lake Vermilion Opening Week of Fishing a Success

Opening week of fishing was pretty good fishing for walleye. Pike Bay produced steadily for our folks as well as some deeper spots. Minnows and jigs were the primary method used to catch fish. Some of the nice walleyes caught over 20″ were as follows: Matt Arneson 26” W Brooklyn Park, Mn Steve Laing 25” W Brookly Park, MN Roger Braun 24” W Prior Lake, MN Jared Braun 21” W Prior Lake, MN Eric Noyes 20” W Chanhassen, MN Bob… Read More »

Warmer Weather for Lake Vermilion is Around the Corner-Fish Survey

The weather forecast looks much better later this week and weekend with lows staying above freezing and the highs getting into the sixties by Saturday. We received another storm last Sunday that continued to slow things down. While the ice is thawing, please take a look at the 2012 DNR Lake Vermilion Survey provided below. Walleye numbers are well above average for the East end of Lake Vermilion. Looks like the 2010 walleye class is going to be great for the East end. This means… Read More »

Lake Vermilion Fishing Opener Through the Ice?

Well not much ice progress has been made yet. The Pike River dam is not running forcefully enough to make much progress. Last night I heard that it was going to turn much warmer next week, going from winter to summer immediately. We can only hope! In the mean time, we’re supposed to get another snow storm starting tomorrow evening, 1-3 inches. Looks like the bend at the Lake Vermilion Walleye Hatchery has open water. Stay tuned for more updates…. Read More »

Anticipating Lake Vermilion Fishing Opener or Ice Out

We had 5 new inches of snow on Lake Vermilion this weekend. Actually threw snow today. It’s the latest I can recall ever throwing snow in April. Certainly, we’ve received snow in April but none that I needed to actually throw. Need some warm sunny weather and warmer overnight temps to get the ice off of the lake by May 1st (historical average). The Pike Bay dam is just starting to run which will make Pike Bay ice start to… Read More »

Despite Wind People Caught Them Last Week on Lake Vermilion

Several cabins did well last week. The Hibbard cabin took their limits home in cabin 9. The Granec cabin also did well with walleye. One cabin ran cranks and the other used bottom bouncers and jigs with crawlers and minnows. Several walleye that were in the 21-24″ range. Various sized muskies have been caught the last couple of weeks. More smaller low 30’s than I can remember for a quite some time. Still trophies being caught though. Josh Lovell boated… Read More »

East End Lake Vermilion Walleyes Biting

Walleyes continue to bite  on cranks and crawlers. Summer weather has warmed the water back up to the 70’s. The bite has been pretty consistent the last several weeks. Musky fisherman did well last week with one group boating six. Scott  Johnson boated this 52″ muskie on a topwater bait. A new PR. The group had two 47’s and 3 that were in the mid 30’s. If a fall trip is in your plans give us a call at 800-249-3178. Dave

Walleye Bite Gets Tough Then Improves-Lake Vermilion Fishing

Last week we had a stretch where the walleyes didn’t seem to want to bite. Many fish were showing up on the radar but few were biting. The rain overnight last Wednesday though improved things quite a bit as walleyes were easier and the muskies were moving. Water temps have dropped to the mid 70’s. We’ve had lows in the 40’s the last couple of nights. Muskies were more aggressive in my boat on bucktails than topwaters. Managed to catch several… Read More »

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