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Lake Vermilion family resort fun

Lake Vermilion family resort fun was the name of the game last week.  From campfires, to paddle boarding, to swimming, to tether ball... family vacation season was in full swing.     Add in some impressive evening volleyball, and things were hopping! How was the fishing?  Never a popular answer, but it really depended on who you asked.  Some guests did well all week long, while it didn't come as easy for others.  Those that broadened [...]

July 22nd, 2019|Fishing Reports|

Mayflies made their mark on Lake Vermilion

Mayflies made their mark on Lake Vermilion --- Some years it matters - some years it doesn't.  Consensus is that this year the mayfly HATCHES mattered.  Just when we thought the end was in sight, another round of mayflies greeted us again.  It seemed as if the week was going to be a good one when a late trip to the bait house to turn off what we thought was a forgotten light found a [...]

July 4th week at Everett Bay Lodge is in the books!

July 4th week at Everett Bay Lodge is in the books, and we want to thank all those that chose to make our resort their Lake Vermilion home for the holiday week. Many guests took advantage of several of the Tower, MN July 4th events. Yet others focused on their fishing, played golf, enjoyed yard games and took in the beauty of the lake and the wildlife around us. The Lockwoods had a couple neat [...]

Lake Vermilion area attractions

Lake Vermilion area attractions kept 8 year old Eli and 5 year old Abel busy as they spent last week taking advantage of the many things to see and do in Northeast Minnesota.  Rain in the early part of their stay didn't get in the way of their trip to the Soudan Mine https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/state_parks/lake_vermilion_soudan/tours.html.  They were especially interested in taking in some of the local attractions related to Fermilab, the United States Dept. of Energy's [...]

Lake Vermilion June fishing news

Lake Vermilion June fishing news includes the long overdue arrival of warmer temperatures.  The water temp is finally making its move up, with Everett Bay reaching 75 degrees after stalling in the 60's for several weeks.  The night time lows are predicted to stay in the 50's so it should help avoid those big overnight drops.  After another chilly start to the week, guests welcomed the arrival of some warm days, swimming in the pool [...]

2019 Lake Vermilion extended spring fishing

When is the summer of 2019 coming to Lake Vermilion?  We are half way through June and it hasn't arrived yet.  While we were happy to get a couple nice days last week, they were just enough to remind us what we seem to have missed so far this spring.  So what has that meant for the bite?  For many last week was a pretty solid week.  Fish have yet to fully transition to the [...]

June 17th, 2019|Fishing Reports|

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