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When are the fireworks in Tower?

When are the fireworks in Tower?  the Pancake Feed?  the parade?  the Flotilla? Plenty of activity on the 4th of July and the days before and after. With the closing of Bayview Lodge, the usual Bayview Flotilla is cancelled, but there is a Lake Vermilion Flotilla scheduled for July 7th.   Here is the info: TOWER HARBOR FLOTILLA SATURDAY, JULY 7 ~ 12PM ALL NEW EVENT Registration at 11 a.m. at the Tower harbor. Judging at 12 noon. Call Rod at… Read More »

Kids catch fish on Lake Vermilion

Kids catch fish on Lake Vermilion – for some it was their first fish…for others it was their biggest.  For all it was fun! It was an up and down week with some stormy days getting in the way of serious fishing, but overall most guests caught fish for fish frys and there was plenty of activity around the resort.  Many families spent the week with us and when they weren’t fishing or swimming they enjoyed several of the area… Read More »

June kicks off strong on Lake Vermilion

June kicks off strong on Lake Vermilion with most of our guests pleased with their outings.  With many returning guests this past week, they took the lousy weather of Saturday evening in stride and started their fishing on Sunday.  Virgil’s crew of 8 had a fish fry every other day and caught the last 5 they needed on Thursday afternoon for each guy to take his limit home on Friday.  They know how to make the most of their 5… Read More »

One spot has opened for August 11th week

One spot has opened for August 11th week – prime lakefront 2 bedroom – Cabin 9.  If you are one of those who called for that week when we were already full, due to a cancellation we have one spot for arrival August 11th.  That week falls in the 10% off price window.  See the details about the cabin here:   Stop wishing…Come fishing!!

How’s the fishing on Lake Vermilion?

How’s the fishing on Lake Vermilion?  Depends on the day.  With the drastic change in weather, the fishing has been inconsistent to say the least.  While some groups have caught their fish, others have had to hunt a little harder.  Spots that worked in the 80 degree stretch went dry when the water temp fell over 10 degrees, making the shallow bite more productive again.  Even those who typically rely on lindy rigs have found the switch to a leech… Read More »

Lake Vermilion Memorial Day weekend fishing news

Lake Vermilion Memorial Day weekend fishing news found mixed results, with the water temp spiking in the shallow bays to push 80 degrees, moving shallow fish in search of deeper, cooler water.   While some guests limited out there were spans of time when the high sun and unusually warm heat made the mid day bite a little tough. Earlier in the week, Brad & Jane Ayer had good success fishing deeper spots, 30 – 35 feet, eating many meals of… Read More »

Lake Vermilion May 2018 fishing news

Lake Vermilion May 2018 fishing news for the second weekend of the season found most of our guests having their usual fish fry and taking limits home.  As expected, minnows continue to work best with the water temp falling back below 60 degrees with the cold nights we have had.  Dave tried a leech for a short time yesterday, but quickly switched back to a minnow as Eric and Diane continued to boat walleyes on chubs.   While walleye was king… Read More »

Lake Vermilion opener 2018 highlights

Lake Vermilion opener 2018 highlights included many limits for the fryer and a handful of good size fish caught & released.  Mother Nature made up for the days of uncertainty regarding the ice leading up to the opener.  Once the ice cleared with an official ice out date of May 8th, much needed rain cleared out of the area and left us with some of the nicest opener weather we can recall over our 19 years here at the resort…. Read More »

Lake Vermilion 2018 opener will be ice free, with time to spare.

Lake Vermilion 2018 opener will be ice free, with time to spare.  What do you get when you mix a nice steady chop and an all day soaker?  Open water as far as the eye can see.  While Everett Bay opened up several days ago, yesterday’s weather took its toll on the ice, and a walk across the road to see what Big Bay had to offer found this:   Isn’t that a pretty sight?  Wish the picture was clearer,… Read More »

Lake Vermilion Hatchery May 2018

Lake Vermilion hatchery activities for 2018 are going to wrap up today, taking only 3 days to collect the stripped eggs and fertilizer.  We are glad we didn’t put off our annual visit one more day as it would have been too late.  LOTS of nice big walleyes.  See for yourself.  This video give you a bird’s eye view of the exciting work going on at the Pike River Hatchery.  The different nets are filled with walleyes in various stages… Read More »

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