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Lake Vermilion Ice Out update…..

Everett Bay is down to just the stubborn remnants that the wind decided to deliver right to the resort shoreline. The first two pictures are from the east end of the bay near the narrows, with open water as far as the eye can see! The 3rd picture is the same location on Big Bay, that yesterday had all this dark ice off in the distance before the wind brought it toward the end of the peninsula. Black as can… Read More »

Lake Vermilion ice out continues

With winds from the southeast prevailing, the current from the ice free Everett Bay narrows had begun to work on the Big Bay ice, which has become increasingly black over the past few days. Thunderstorms on the way, so we’ll see what happens to that already fragile ice. This is the view from the end of the Everett Bay peninsula looking out toward Big Bay and Jack Rabbit island.

Lake Vermilion Ice out on Everett Bay closer by the minute!!!

Everett Bay ice proved stubborn over the weekend, but it has made great progress in the last day. While the area in front of the resort was about clear, a wind shift this afternoon brought the south shore ice our direction, and boy is it thin. Just like crushed ice as it comes toward shore. We scoped out some other areas, and the Everett Bay narrows are wide open with a nice flow of water heading into Big Bay. There… Read More »

Positive Fisheries Management Report on Lake Vermilion in 2013

A summary of the positive findings shared by the MN DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife – Fisheries Section follows: -Walleye gillnet catch was well above average at 18.2 fish/net: East Vermilion at 22.1 fish/net, West Vermilion at 12.4 fish/net. -Mean length of walleye sampled was 14.2 inches well above the historic average. -“Angling prospects for walleye look favorable in 2014. There are good numbers of 13-17 inch walleye in the population, especially on East Vermilion.” -The gillnet catch of… Read More »

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Chapter 2 of the Emil Iverson – Gophers – Blackhawks history lesson

This afternoon’s phone call asking for “the owners” was a far cry from the usual telemarketing dialogue we usually end up in with such calls. This time it was the grandson of Emil Iverson, the Gopher & Blackhawk Hockey Coach we wrote about this past fall. He had just happened upon our Blog post reporting on our discovery of a discarded board of siding from the Everett Bay Lodge baithouse, and found himself surprised to be reading the missing details… Read More »

Lake Vermilion Snowmobiling – great conditions hang on…..

Even with bright sunny days, the trail conditions have been fantastic thanks to the last bout of snow that top dressed things nicely. Great melting progress is being made as the mounds of plowed snow once piled about as high as we can remember slowly lose some of their volume.

Lake Vermilion Ice Out 2014

Lake Vermilion Ice Out 2014 – As the calls have begun, curiosity got the best of us and we did a little research to see what the long term spring weather forecast for Lake Vermilion and the rest of the area looks like. As you might guess, March continues to show colder than average temps, making it a fitting end to a cold and snowy winter. APRIL LOOKS BETTER. According to the forecasting models, predictions are for an April with… Read More »

SIOUX FALLS, SD Sportshow in full swing

We are happy to make our way to the Sioux Falls, SD Sportsmen’s Show at the SF Arena & CC. Day 2 kicks off at noon today, and looking over the various Show Features, can’t help but smile when recalling the fun Eric & Val had at the shows as youngsters while taking in things such as the “Great Bear Show,” “Fur-Ever Wild,” and the Live Trout Pond. They probably had the most fun on their tireless jaunts to walk… Read More »

Sport Show Season Continues….St. Cloud is next on the agenda!

The Schaumburg 2014 Chicagoland Fishing, Travel & Outdoor Expo was a nice show, and we were able to visit with a good number of Everett Bay Lodge guests who call that area home!  We are heading to St. Cloud for the Sportsmen’s Show that runs Feb. 7 – 9 as we take advantage of a little break in the High School Hockey action that weekend.  We are in Booth #035 at the River’s Edge Convention Center.  Hope to see some… Read More »

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