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Lake Vermilion Hatchery Sucker net

The Lake Vermilion Hatchery sucker net provided a bit of frenzied action.  A majority of the first day's catch on Saturday, April 20th was suckers, as is usually the case.  Take a look: https://youtu.be/bYAlzAdVhI0 Suckers are sold for $10 / 100 pounds, and make their way to smokers across the area.  For more details about the Vermilion Lake Association's Sucker Sale which kicks off this morning, visit their site: https://www.vermilionlakeassociation.org/find-the-smoker-sucker-sales-to-begin-soon/?fbclid=IwAR3H_2Cd25VIC1qjzhmK26PBCk4pFwCeC7ThEGi1Gf1hZdwJqGqiAYjrhGs If you missed our post [...]

Lake Vermilion Pike River hatchery 2019

Lake Vermilion Pike River hatchery 2019 is off and running.  Day 1, April 20th, was largely dominated by thousands of pounds of suckers.  Day 2 finds the arrival of more walleyes in the nets.  This video gives you a glimpse of the early stage of sorting.  Many of the walleyes caught are "green" or not ready for the process to begin.  They are measured and funneled or tossed into the appropriate sorting carriages.   Many suckers [...]

Lake Vermilion Resort opening – prime time

We have had a cancellation for the week of June 15th.  It is for a prime time to fish Lake Vermilion and a popular lakefront cabin. Cabin 7 offers plenty of room for 4 - 6 guests. It has a wonderful deck overlooking your dock space and a perfect spot on the Everett Bay Lodge resort property. This week has been full for quite some time as it often provides some of the best fishing [...]

2019 Lake Vermilion Ice out begins

2019 Lake Vermilion ice out begins right on schedule. Add rain to the more than generous snow fall of the season and the Pike River dam is armed and ready for some serious flow. Check out our annual video and note the progress as the open water makes its way toward the first bend. Always an exciting sight as we all know as soon as it clears the Pike River Hatchery the cradles and net [...]

June opening due to cancellation

Anyone looking for a great Lake Vermilion resort cabin the third week of June, (June 22 - 29) give us a call.  Cabin 2 is our most popular option, with 3 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms.  Add in a perfect lakefront location near the pool.  It was just given up this morning by the party that reserved it last June.   It is a good option for 4 - 8 guests and has satellite TV, WI-FI, two [...]

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