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2018 Season is in the books

2018 season is in the books..all except for the final blasts of color on the trees. Fall 2018 The final weekend of fishing for our guests was pretty decent, with several cabins catching limits and more slot fish released.  Eric and a buddy headed out on Sunday, and while the temperatures were low, they managed to catch several walleyes, a couple limits of [...]

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Late September fishing on Lake Vermilion

September 2018 Late September fishing on Lake Vermilion was interrupted by rain much of the week, and those who made the best of it had mixed results.  Colder than normal temperatures would have normally moved fish into their deeper fall spots, but we had reports of fish being caught in the early September depths, 16 - 28 feet, on the edges of structure.  [...]

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Cold and windy on Lake Vermilion

Cold and windy weather made the conditions less than ideal this past week, but it is hard to complain about the weather when you see what the folks on the coast were dealt.  While the Pike River dam had stopped running during a drier than normal August, a good rain early this past week got it running again. It was a week of mixed reports, [...]

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Lake Vermilion walleyes and muskies and bass…..

Lake Vermilion walleyes and muskies and bass.....  In typical fashion, the up and down weather of September produced the same up and down fishing action.  The walleye and bass proved to be the most consistent bite last week although they didn't get too much pressure.  Many were scouting the muskies in preparation for the weekend's PMTT Mega tourney.  Here is one caught by Kevin Rabska, [...]

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Lake Vermilion fall fishing stays steady

Lake Vermilion fall fishing stays steady, particularly for walleye and small mouth bass.  Add the chance to host college friends for a week, catch plenty of fish for some meals, and laugh, laugh, laugh!  Isn't that what a trip north is all about? September 2018 For our group, trolling crank baits off the back of the pontoon was the easiest option.  It produced [...]

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Early September Lake Vermilion fishing

            Early September Lake Vermilion walleyes As August wrapped up, the crank bait bite for decent walleyes continued.  We had several cabins of guests report many limits of nice walleyes, eating a couple meals here and taking some home too.  Just the way it is supposed to go! Ozzy and Max, shown above, caught most of their walleyes [...]

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Lake Vermilion smallmouth fishing stays strong.

Lake Vermilion smallmouth bass fishing stays strong as the end of August approaches.  Good numbers of smallies continue to be caught, with crankbaits and leeches producing the most fish.  There were a handful of good sized bass caught, but it was a more a week of good numbers.  Levi caught this nice one, and Jim Ryberg reported catching 2 five pounders and Jim Swanson caught [...]

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Lake Vermilion weather TOO nice??

Can the Lake Vermilion weather be too nice?   Depends on who you ask.  We had some families focused on using the pool, tubing, cruising the lake and taking in the tourist attractions, and for them the past week's weather was just perfect.  For those who were fishing muskies, the mid 70 to mid 80 blue sky calm wind days were not what they were hoping [...]

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August fishing on Lake Vermilion holds steady

August fishing on Lake Vermilion holds steady as we approach the midpoint of the month.  Last week continued where the prior week left off, with Lake Vermilion guide Buck Lescarbeau leading our guests to some productive spots.  The Johnsons and their grandson Jordan were just short of their limits on a 1/2 day outing when they arrived on Saturday, Jordan taking big fish honors with [...]

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Lake Vermilion offers up Largemouth, Smallmouth, Northerns and Walleyes……

Lake Vermilion Largemouth, Smallmouth, Northerns and Walleyes ---- and maybe a few muskies too!  Plenty of variety this past week.  And even better, some pretty reliable photo sharers, so here is just a sneak peak of some of the pictures shared this week.  Be sure to check back tomorrow for the weekly fishing news and more pictures! August 2018 August 2018 [...]

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