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Lake Vermilion fishing news June 10th

Lake Vermilion fishing news June 10th is varied in both success and species being caught.  We had a resort full of many returning guests who are usually a pretty good barometer of the fishing.  It was up and down.  Some cabins had their usual fish frys and took limits home while others seemed to struggle a bit.  There were definitely some hot bite windows.  These [...]

Multi-species action on Lake Vermilion

Multi species action on Lake Vermilion keeps Everett Bay resort guests busy.  Just check out the variety in these pictures our guests shared with us. Muskies, Northerns, Walleyes, Bass and Perch. Lake Vermilion musky Wehmer Memorial weekend northern action Early season walleye - Conner Early season smallies Lake Vermilion perch While the cooler than normal [...]

Lake Vermilion late May fishing

Lake Vermilion late May fishing has continued to show some inconsistency.  While some guests have been happy with their success, others have found a tough bite.  Minnows continue to be the bait of choice for the walleyes and jumbo perch, and artificials are producing bass and northerns. It is redundant, but the bigger walleyes are still shallow.  Lots of smaller ones and eaters are being [...]

Lake Vermilion fishing mid-May

Lake Vermilion fishing mid-May has gotten mixed reviews.   Depends on who you ask AND when you ask them.  We had 9 out of 10 cabins with returning guests this past weekend, so it was a pretty experienced Lake Vermilion crowd.  While the City Auto Glass teams had to endure the conditions on Saturday, others found the cold wind and spotty showers a deterrent.  For many [...]

2019 City Auto Glass Tourney on Lake Vermilion in the books

2019 City Auto Glass Tourney on Lake Vermilion is in the books.  Congratulations to Everett Bay Lodge guests Shane Holman and Tyler Glad for their second place finish and Dan and Jake Doherty for their 6th place result.  Add in Team Lescarbeau finishing third and there was some happy chatter in the lodge post tournament. The forecast leading up to the tournament was bleak with [...]

Lake Vermilion Hatchery Sucker net

The Lake Vermilion Hatchery sucker net provided a bit of frenzied action.  A majority of the first day's catch on Saturday, April 20th was suckers, as is usually the case.  Take a look: https://youtu.be/bYAlzAdVhI0 Suckers are sold for $10 / 100 pounds, and make their way to smokers across the area.  For more details about the Vermilion Lake Association's Sucker Sale which kicks off this [...]

Lake Vermilion Pike River hatchery 2019

Lake Vermilion Pike River hatchery 2019 is off and running.  Day 1, April 20th, was largely dominated by thousands of pounds of suckers.  Day 2 finds the arrival of more walleyes in the nets.  This video gives you a glimpse of the early stage of sorting.  Many of the walleyes caught are "green" or not ready for the process to begin.  They are measured and [...]