August fishing on Lake Vermilion

August fishing on Lake Vermilion has been about what you would expect for this time of year.  A cold rain mid-week led to a water temp drop of 4 degrees, but we are back up to 72 degrees.  There are definitely prime windows when fish have been active, but guests reported marking many fish that they couldn’t get to bite.

The same applied to the muskies.  While several were seen and followed at various times of day, the Cleinmark guys caught all five of theirs during the same block of time each day.  Dave slipped out one day to scout out a few walleye spots and spent the first 45 minutes on a spot with just a couple light bites, and then caught his limit for the skillet in a span of 15 minutes.   The Fitzgerald crew had their annual “friendly” contest, and found the large mouth bass to be their easiest prey.  Toss in some northern for a fish fry, a sub 40″ muskie and some smallies which they released, and they were still debating whether “most fish on Friday” should override the remainder of the week’s performance?

Steve Cleinmark reported releasing 5 muskies:  three 48″, 43″ & 42″

Bill Fitzgerald made the Wall of Fame with a nice 20″ Largemouth.

Lake Vermilion bass fishing

Bill with a nice 20″ Lake Vermilion Largemouth                                                 Bass

Night temps are regularly getting into the 40’s, but the daytime mid 70s highs have made it great weather to be out on the water.  While we don’t have anything the week of August 19th, the week of the 26th we have 2 cabins available.  Don’t let the last weeks of summer slip away!

Stop wishing…..Come fishing!


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