Anticipating Lake Vermilion Fishing Opener or Ice Out

Lake Vermilion WalleyeWe had 5 new inches of snow on Lake Vermilion this weekend. Actually threw snow today. It’s the latest I can recall ever throwing snow in April. Certainly, we’ve received snow in April but none that I needed to actually throw. Need some warm sunny weather and warmer overnight temps to get the ice off of the lake by May 1st (historical average).

The Pike Bay dam is just starting to run which will make Pike Bay ice start to come off. Normally it takes about 3 weeks for Pike Bay ice to clear. Big Bay then clears within a week typically. I’m guessing the DNR walleye hatchery operations will start in the next few days if the bend clears as I expect.

Look for more updates on Lake Vermilion ice progress soon. May your pole always be bent! Dave Gooden

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