Al Lindner – Angler Edge on Lake Vermilion walleyes

Al Lindner Angling Edge on Lake Vermilion walleyes – Sound interesting?  A program about Lake Vermilion walleye fishing filmed last fall on beautiful Lake Vermilion is currently airing in several different markets.  Are you:

  • wondering what some of the best artificial walleye baits are and how to “work” them?
  • curious as to where the Lake Vermilion walleyes go after Labor Day?
  • interested in knowing the most overlooked fall walleye location?
  • unsure of whether you should be using mono or braided line?

If you are interested in Al Lindner’s answers to these and many other questions, and you want to watch the segment, just follow this link at the end of this post and you can view it there.  Then just remember to come on back and book your stay.

And in the meantime, those of you looking for the easy answers (if there is such a thing), Al highly recommends the typical ice fishing bait, the Jigging Rapala as a great open water “go to” walleye bait.  He also favors a Moon Eye jig with a 4″ big bite plastic, and of course, you can’t ever go wrong with the tried and true jig & minnow.

Al describes the fall walleyes as being found in many different locations – shallow, mid lake structure and deep – but thinks the most overlooked fall walleyes are shallow.   If you are interested in improving your walleye landing odds, the first thing to consider is your gear/tackle.  For an artificial lure like the Jigging Rap with its small hooks a very soft rod tip and mono-filament line will be much more forgiving, helping you resist the temptation to work the fish too aggressively.

While any day on Lake Vermilion is a great day, the blue skies of September and the solitude of the lake are hard to beat.  Add in the great prospects for catching both big and “eater” walleyes AND 20% Lake Vermilion resort discounts at Everett Bay Lodge and you are set.

Stop wishing…Come fishing!



4 comments on “Al Lindner – Angler Edge on Lake Vermilion walleyes

  1. Terry king says:

    Can you catch big walleye on a fly

  2. Terry king says:

    I wished someone could take me fly fishing for some big walleye,s , I’ve caught a nice size about a 5 pound gar on my fly rod ,and a 4 1/2 large mouth bass on a fly from the bank !

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