2019 City Auto Glass Tourney on Lake Vermilion is in the books.  Congratulations to Everett Bay Lodge guests Shane Holman and Tyler Glad for their second place finish and Dan and Jake Doherty for their 6th place result.  Add in Team Lescarbeau finishing third and there was some happy chatter in the lodge post tournament.

The forecast leading up to the tournament was bleak with highs in the 40’s and big chances for rain.  All in all, the weather was not as bad as expected.  When Iron Rangers dress like they are going to the deer stand, it takes that issue out of the equation.  Shane’s 26.5″ fish helped their cause, and the Doherty’s had to toss back a large number of 25″ fish in search for keepers.  Another case where preparation paid off.

Congratulations to team Herter / Doerring, winners of the $15000 first place prize.  Second place garnered $5000, third place won $2000, and 6th place received $1600, before big fish money.  More than enough to cover expenses with $ left in their pockets.  In the end, all were pleased with their results predicting returns for the 2020 tourney next May.  We appreciate their business.

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